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Kapsul is a relatively new online tool developed by the nonprofit Kadist Art Foundation. Designed for art curators, artists, and educators, Kapsul makes it easy to find, organize, share, and exhibit images, text, and video. The interface is very intuitive, with prominent and well-labeled function buttons. Images can be added by drag and drop from your computer files, or by entering a website url. Kapsul also offers a very efficient Google-powered search function. Image groups, or “Kapsuls” can be made private or public. Private Kapsuls can be shared at the discretion of the creator, with controllable levels of participation. Kapsul also allows you to make quick slide shows of images taken from the web. For a more comprehensive review go to http://www.kqed.org/arts/multimedia/article.jsp?essid=86434 or simply check out kapsul.org. By the way, the public Kapsuls you’ll see on the site are very interesting!

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